The Raftmakers

During his solo canoe expedition from Yukon to Alaska, following the paths of Italian explorer Walter Bonatti, documentary filmmaker Igor D’India gets stuck for days on the Yukon River islands due to a cyclone defined by local natives as a “new and exceptional phenomenon”. From the conversations with Guitch’in tribe members and having witnessed the climate turmoil himself, the filmmaker’s yearns to further explore other rivers on Earth and report on their state.

Here is when The Raftmakers begins. The project will become both a documentary and a TV series.

Exploration is conducted using traditional pioneer methods, with limited resources, building makeshift rafts and with occasional travel companions. The aim is to reveal the conditions of some of the most fascinating waterways in the world from an extremely close point of view. Often they are polluted, but sometimes they offer beautiful examples of the cohabitation between humans and nature.





  • Laos, February-March 2015
  • Cuba, November-December 2015
  • Italia (Veneto), March 2016
  • …to be continued